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Alert1 Accessory: Alarm Pendant

Emergency Alert Button

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  • Connects wirelessly to the base unit
  • Generous 600 feet range from the Alert1 medical alert system base
  • 5-year battery life
  • Low battery indication light
  • Can be used to answer all incoming phone calls
  • Light to wear like a necklace
  • Waterproof—can be worn in the shower
  • Emergency button also available as a wristband
  • Button chord can be replaced by a fashionable necklace

    Emergencies can happen at any time and anywhere in your house. That's why the Alert1® emergency alert button provides immediate access to assistance around the clock with just the touch of the button.

    Discreet and Convenient Styles

    How does the button help me?

    The Alert1 pendant meets UL guidelines and has been independently tested for performance and can be trusted during emergency situations.

    Alert1 offers a button range that is superior to what other medical alert companies offer. The button works in a radius of up to 600 feet from the medical alarm base unit. Feel free to walk from one room to another and still feel safe knowing that your call for help will be answered.

    All of Alert1 emergency help buttons are waterproof. They can be worn in the shower or bath, while washing dishes, or while watering the plants in your backyard – you are safe everywhere in your home.

    The ability to use your medical alert system to answer your phone is a rare feature in personal alert systems. With Alert1, you can answer your phone simply by pushing the button on your necklace from up to 600 feet from the base unit.

    Rushing over to pick up a phone call can be hazardous and can increase the risk of falling, especially if you are a senior. If you wear an Alert1 help necklace, the ability to answer a call will always be near you, even if a phone is not.

    What happens when I press the button?

    In an emergency, if help is needed and a dispatch to the home is required, an Alert1 operator will stay on the line until the responders arrive, ensuring that you or your family member is in the hands of professional responders before we disconnect the call.

    The operator can also help the customer assess the situation to decide what type of help to summon, depending on the situation. This can be especially helpful for senior citizens who are uncomfortable contacting 911 because they are unsure if their situation is truly an emergency.

    How do I know that my button is working properly?

    Battery indicator light lets you know if the battery is low and will need a replacement within 30 days. Alert1 is automatically notified by the system so we can send you a free replacement pendant or wristband before the battery is drained.

    As with all medical alert systems, the range and coverage area varies depending on the design and materials used in the home, so please test your system throughout your home and yard to identify any weak signal spots.

    What are the risks of not having an alert button?

    The overwhelming evidence is that older adults are more subject to falls than younger people, with over 50% of those 80 or older falling every year. It’s not just that the senior can be injured in the fall, but even if they aren’t injured, they may be unable to get back on their feet, leaving them unable to get help, potentially for many hours or even days.

    A wearable help button from Alert1 puts the ability to summon help always within reach, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Alert1 has designed its help devices to be small and discreet, to minimize any social discomfort that the wearer might experience.  Additionally, Alert1 offers wall-mounted emergency buttons that can be placed in the bathroom – a room that the CDC has flagged as being dangerous for fall-prone elderly adults.

    Can I change how the pendant looks?

    The cord from the Alert1 necklace can be easily replaced with your own pendant cord or chain. Alert1 also offers a wide variety of elegant medical alert lanyards to keep you safe and stylish.

    We design our products to be convenient and reliable, but also make sure that they are discreet and comfortable, so our customers are encouraged to wear them whenever they are home or in their yards.


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    extra for dad
    Dan S (Syracuse NY)
    grabbed an extra so dad has one as well as mom! great product
    Posted on 9/4/2014
    Got it and it works great
    Gerald (IL)
    I lost my pendant and asked for a new one. We got it quickly and it works great
    Posted on 8/27/2014
    Necklace button
    Shelly (CO)
    I like how lightweight these are. Much smaller than some other ones out there. Thank you!
    Posted on 8/27/2014

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