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Lifeline® Systems Costs Compared to Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

  Alert1 Lifeline ®
Medical Alert System Equipment $0 $0 - $149¹
Monthly Fee $25.95 - $40.95² $29.95 - $54.95³
Stay on the Line
Until Help Arrives
Yes Maybe
CSAA 5-Diamond and UL Certified Emergency Response Centers Yes No
Free Spouse Monitoring  Yes No
Pricing & Terms Posted Online Yes No
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#1 Medical Alert By
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Compare Alert1® to Philips Lifeline® Systems and you'll see similarities but important differences. The major difference is between Alert1 and Lifeline® costs.

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As shown above, Alert1 prices are significantly less than those of Lifeline Systems®. With Alert1, you:

  • Save $200 in the first year
  • See clear and transparent pricing
  • Do not sign into a contract or buy the equipment
  • Have someone always stay on the line until help arrives
  • Have 24/7 spousal monitoring free of charge
  • Have 30-day money back guarantee

And, because medical alert systems are our only business, Alert1 can focus on providing reliable and affordable medical alert systems for our customers.

As a top-rated medical alert systems company, Alert1® can offer you the security you need to live a safe, independent life. Our 24/7 emergency lifeline systems will provide peace of mind when you need it most, so you can breathe a little easier knowing that you are protected.

What Can Alert1 Do for You?

  • Help buttons can be a pendant or wristband and are small and discreet.
  • 100% waterproof and can be worn anywhere, even in the shower or bath.
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Every Alert1 system comes with a backup battery and will automatically notify you if your console or help button battery is low.
  • A team of highly-trained emergency response operators.
  • 600 ft. range from the base unit, coverage throughout your home.
  • Unlimited, free of charge, button pushes.

In addition to helping you get assistance fast in case of medical emergencies, you can also use your Alert1 system in the event of home intruders, or when you need someone to help you get in touch with a friend or family member for assistance of any kind.

If you are someone who wants to maintain your independence with an eye for safety and practicality, Alert1 has the medical alert system for you! Contact us today for more information and to start protecting yourself today.

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Plans Starting at Just $25.95/month

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¹Cost to buy equipment depends on user location and options
²Pricing of Alert1 annual service plans. Pricing is based on standard rates, temporary promotions may apply, offers subject to change.
³Monthly fee depends on user location and options. Pricing is based on standard rates, temporary promotions may apply, offers subject to change.

Lifeline website accessed on 3/24/2015. Information updated quarterly. 
Lifeline is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.

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