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GPS Technology in Medical Alert Systems


GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based, location identification technology that can be found in some electronic products today. It's familiar to many of us from using car satellite navigation systems and smart phones.

Recently, location technology has started to play a role in various aging in place technologies. In fact, Alert1 has recently added a mobile medical alert system to our product line that uses cell tower location technology. The new system is called the Kelsi mobile medical alert, and is leading the way in safety and usability.

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Benefits of GPS Technology

  • Location accuracy: The Kelsi is one of the most accurate mobile medical alert systems on the market. We use patented 911 geo-location technology to determine the members location to within a few meters. This allows our members the security of knowing we will sent help to them quickly, regardless of whether they know their location or not.
  • New Technology Plus Trusted Processes: The beauty of the Kelsi mobile medical alert system is that it leverages Alert1's trusted and proven response process. When the member presses their help button, our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center will come on over the 2-way speaker and ask if the member needs help. From there, we will connect you with someone from your Circle of Care or 911 depending on the type of emergency. It's the same reliable emergency response we have been providing for 26 years, but now with the freedom to go anywhere.
  • Industry Leading Battery Life: The Alert1 Kelsi offers unprecidented battery life and flexibility. You only need to charge the device once every 60 days due to a unique battery saving technology. This lets our members continue to travel and have fun, without worrying about charging. In addition, it automatically reminds our members when it's time to charge.
  • Affordable Prices: Alert1 has worked very hard to provide a top of the line mobile medical alert system for a great price. The system starts at only $35.95 per month.

Alert1 and Mobile Medical Alerts


Alert1 is excited to now offer mobile medical alerts to our members. Now you can be protected anywhere you go. If you want to continue enjoying your freedom with the protection of Alert1, the Kelsi is here to protect you. Give us a call today!


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