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Alert1 Blog

Avoiding Long-Term Contracts and Hidden Fees With Alert1

Getting a medical alert system has never been more easy and transparent – sign up with Alert1 today! Our members receive the highest quality of service that’s both affordable and flexible. [Read More]

Can I Use Fall Detection And A Mobile Medical Alert At The Same Time?

Want to be protected out and about but are susceptible to dangerous falls in your home? This bundle of products is for you! [Read More]

6 Holiday Gifts Your Grandparents Will Love

Take some time out of your busy holiday season to create a gift your grandparents will never forget! [Read More]

This Senior Care Cost Comparison Will Blow Your Mind

Nursing homes, home care, medical alerts... which gives you the best bang for your buck? Learn how to maximize your dollar and get the best care. [Read More]

Medical Alert Systems 101: Everything You Need To Know About Alert1

Explanations of commonly used keywords and phrases that you've always wanted to know about. [Read More]

Home 2.0: Alert1 Recommends New Communication Devices and Home Automation Tools for Seniors (and All of Us)

Alert1 has analyzed today's technology designed to aid seniors with communication and mobility to find the best devices for the modern senior. [Read More]

Bathroom 2.0: Alert1 Rates Bathroom Technology for the Modern Senior

Alert1 has analyzed today's bathroom technology to find the best devices for the modern senior and has determined the likelihood of their widespread adoption. [Read More]

Kitchen 2.0: Alert1 Rates Kitchen Technology for the Modern Senior

Alert1 has evaluated new kitchen technologies for their usefulness to seniors and caregivers and has predicted the rate of their adoption by the senior care market at large. [Read More]

The Present and Future of Senior Care

Alert1 has completed market research in the senior care industry to determine the impacts of the falling ratio of caregivers to those needing care. [Read More]

This Amazing Senior Care Map Will Blow Your Mind

The world of senior care products can be a confusing one. We created the Seniorscape™ to help it all make more sense. [Read More]