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Alert1 Blog

Aging In Place Technology: The Best Kickstarter Projects For Seniors

Find out some of the best Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaigns aimed at serving the elderly! [Read More]

Who Answers When You Press Your Help Button?

With Alert1’s Command Center, you will never be without someone by your side in a medical emergency [Read More]

Medical Alert System: How Big Is The Emergency Call Button?

Find out how surprisingly small the Alert1 medical alert system emergency call button is and learn the best ways to garner complements with your emergency call button! [Read More]

What is the Most Popular Alert1 Medical Alert Systems Member Name Ever?

Wondering what's Alert1 medical alert systems' most popular member name? Check out if yours is it! [Read More]

Alert1’s Aging in Place World Cup Final: Germany vs. Argentina

Have you seen the FIFA or Alert1 World Cup? Come see Alert1's Aging in Place World Cup Final: Germany vs. Argentina! [Read More]

Which Decade Should You Actually Live In?

Take Alert1's qiuck and fun quiz to find out which decade you truly belong! [Read More]

What are the Differences between the Alert1 Medical Alert Systems: the Classic, Mobile Alert, and Fall Detection?

Do you know the differences between Alert1's different medical alert systems: the classic, fall detection, and mobile medical alert? [Read More]

Medical Alert Bracelet vs. Medical ID Bracelet: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between a Medical Alert Bracelet and a Medical ID Bracelet? [Read More]

Alert1 Hosts Aging in Place World Cup

Excited about the FIFA World Cup? We are too! Come see Alert1's Aging in Place World Cup! [Read More]

5 Ways Online Review Sites Can Help You Find Senior Care

Senioradvisor's Amelia Willson gives her insight on how online reviews sites can ease the search for finding the right senior care for you. [Read More]