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Alert1 Blog

Home 2.0: Alert1 Recommends New Communication Devices and Home Automation Tools for Seniors (and All of Us)

Alert1 has analyzed today's technology designed to aid seniors with communication and mobility to find the best devices for the modern senior. [Read More]

Bathroom 2.0: Alert1 Rates Bathroom Technology for the Modern Senior

Alert1 has analyzed today's bathroom technology to find the best devices for the modern senior and has determined the likelihood of their widespread adoption. [Read More]

Kitchen 2.0: Alert1 Rates Kitchen Technology for the Modern Senior

Alert1 has evaluated new kitchen technologies for their usefulness to seniors and caregivers and has predicted the rate of their adoption by the senior care market at large. [Read More]

The Present and Future of Senior Care

Alert1 has completed market research in the senior care industry to determine the impacts of the falling ratio of caregivers to those needing care. [Read More]

This Amazing Senior Care Map Will Blow Your Mind

The world of senior care products can be a confusing one. We created the Seniorscape™ to help it all make more sense. [Read More]

Alert1 Seniorscape™ - The Senior Care Industry Map

Alert1's Seniorscape is a map of the senior care industry designed to help industry leaders and consumers better understand the market. [Read More]

You Won't Believe How These Two 100 Year Olds Stay Active

Meet Gladys and Walter: two 100 year olds who stay active in surprising and inspirational ways! [Read More]

Should You Keep Your PERS When You Move Out Of Your Home?

Should you keep your Alert1 medical alert when you move out of your home? We did the research! [Read More]

How Do Monitored Smoke Detectors Prevent False Alarms?

Alert1’s monitored smoke detector is designed to avoid false alarms. Learn the difference a connection to the Command Center can make. [Read More]

5 Jennifer Lawrence Moments When a Medical Alert Could Have Ruined the Plot

Jennifer Lawrence's onscreen characters definitely would have been saved a lot of trouble if they just had an Alert1 Medical Alert button [Read More]