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Alert1 Blog

Medical Alert Bracelet vs. Medical ID Bracelet: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between a Medical Alert Bracelet and a Medical ID Bracelet? [Read More]

5 Ways Online Review Sites Can Help You Find Senior Care

Senioradvisor's Amelia Willson gives her insight on how online reviews sites can ease the search for finding the right senior care for you. [Read More]

Alert1 Hosts Aging in Place World Cup

Excited about the FIFA World Cup? We are too! Come see Alert1's Aging in Place World Cup! [Read More]

Meet the Newest Oldest American and Learn Her Longevity Secrets

Meet the newest oldest American, and learn her secrets to a long and happy life! [Read More]

12 Misconceptions About Medical Alert Systems

There are still many misunderstood aspects of the medical alert business.. Team Alert1 decided to debunk some of the popular misconceptions. [Read More]

Should You Wear a Medical ID Bracelet?

Medical ID bracelets speak for you when you are unable to communicate. Do you need one? Are they actually helpful? Hint: Yes! Find out why! [Read More]

Alert1’s Mobile Medical Alert: Freedom to Enjoy 7 Great Spots this 4th of July

Find the freedom to enjoy 7 great spots this 4th of July with the Kelsi mobile medical alert system! [Read More]

How to Prevent Bone Fractures and Injuries From Falls

Falls are the most common source of bone fractures. Strengthen your bones so that you can continue to stay mobile and independent. [Read More]

Can the Alert1 Medical Alert System Protect Me When I’m Grocery Shopping?

Can the Alert1 Medical Alert System Protect Me When I’m Grocery Shopping? Find out the answer to this question! Hint: It’s not nay! [Read More]

No Landline? No Problem! Alert1 Extends Service to 150 Million Americans

Your cell phone isn’t enough to get you fast help in an emergency. Learn how wireless medical alerts protect you, no landline required. [Read More]