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Alert1 Blog

Alert1 Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Alert1 is taking the Ice Bucket Challenge! Watch the video of our ice water dousing wearing our waterproof medical alert [Read More]

How Do Medical Alert Systems Work?

If you're researching getting a medical alert, how it works is the first thing you need to know. [Read More]

The Surprising Reason A 99 Year Old Waited 75 Years To Receive Her College Diploma

This year we have two very special graduates, at ages 89 and 99, who prove you’re never too old to keep learning and achieving. [Read More]

Gifts For Labor Day? Your Aging Parents Will Love This Amazing Surprise

Labor day is the perfect time to give gifts to your parents! [Read More]

Which Senior Celebrity Couldn’t Handle The Ice Bucket Challenge? Watch Their Hilarious Reactions

Everyone’s doing it, and celebrities who are 65+ are no exception - it’s the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS! [Read More]

A Stroll Through The Park Goes Horribly Wrong: The Surprising Way It Could Have Been Prevented

Marcia was lost in the park for seven days. Learn what could have gotten her help immediately [Read More]

Alert1: A Company You Can Trust

Reviewers and members agree: they love us! Learn why so many people love being part of the Alert1 family [Read More]

Medical Alert Systems: A Family Decision

Seniors and their families often disagree about medical alerts. Make the conversation easier with these tips! [Read More]

Aging in Place: How to Make the Most Out of Retirement

You deserve to enjoy your retirement. Learn how to stay active and engaged to stay happy and healthy. [Read More]

7 Secret Celebrity Habits to Help Seniors Age in Place Better

Do you know the secrets behind aging in place well? Come and learn from the best: senior celebrities! [Read More]